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Happenings Submission Guidelines
Do you have an upcoming event you'd like to see listed on Special Kids Crusade's Happenings page? Read on...

Generally acceptable content for consideration as a Special Kids Crusade Happenings page listing:
Not everything can be listed on our Happenings page.
(We are sorry!)

Kid-friendly festivals, fairs, community events that have a "call to action" for the special needs community.

Athletic events for which participation by those with disabilities is welcomed and encouraged.

Call for child/teen auditions for local family friendly theatre productions for which participation by those with disabilities is welcomed and encouraged.

Parent support group gatherings, resource fairs, school open houses

Educational workshops and/or lecture series/events with guest speakers that are of particular interest to parents/caregivers/educators involved with the special needs community

Fundraising events that support children and families in the special needs community.

Special Kids Crusade wholeheartedly supports and promotes the concept of inclusion for children and adults of all abilities. However, due to limitations on time and space, we cannot post every possible event to which the general public is invited. Community announcements for which there is no stated link to a special needs-oriented audience will generally not be posted.

Special Kids Crusade reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any submission.

Special Kids Crusade's Happenings page is a community calendar that lists events targeted toward those in the Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara counties who share an interest in the special needs community, especially with regard to children and young adults with disabilities. Special Kids Crusade is grateful to all of the local individuals and organizations who take the time to provide us with their information on appropriate activities/events, support groups and educational workshops to share with our ever-growing audience of site visitors.

We currently are in the wonderful position of being the recipient of a large number of "Happenings Page" event posting requests. While there are no guarantees that a submitted event will be posted, adherence to the following submission guidelines will increase the chances of an event making onto our website in a timely manner.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Provide the following in the body of an email OR in a .doc attachment to your email.

  • Event Name
  • Event Host / Organizer
  • Event Day(s), Date(s), Start & End Times (Please provide us with as much advance notice as possible.)
  • Event Location (Include physical address of venue - even if you think (a) we already know it or (b) you think everyone else already knows it. Remember, we cater to lots of families new to the area, too!)
  • Event Description - In a few sentences, briefly describe the purpose and nature of the event and, if it is a community-targeted event (as opposed to a parent workshop, for example) tell us what is at the event that makes it appealing to children.
  • Appropriate ages for attendees: If this is an event targeted toward parents, please note whether child care will be made available.
  • Translation services - If translation services are available, please indicate the language(s) being offered and any details. (e.g., Is advance notice needed for translation services?)
  • Ticket prices or entry fees (if appropriate)
  • RSVP deadlines (if appropriate)
  • "For more information" contact/web info for parents to use in the event they want more information
  • Contact name & phone number for Special Kids Crusade to use in the event we need more information prior to posting

Got it ready to go? Super!
Now, just e-mail us with this information for posting.



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